MEDIA world premiere Geert Callaert,

 P(IE/EA)CE FOR ENLIGHTENMENT for piano and tape, opus 86, during the event Curating the Campus of

Christophe Terlinden, March 5 2009, deSingel, Antwerp, Belgium; Geert Callaert, piano  Geert Callaert/Carlo Willems, Introduction and dance (Part 1)

uit de vierdelige Jazz-Suite for Vibraphone and Piano (uitgegeven bij Percussion Music Europe);

performed by Carlo Willems, vibraphone and Geert Callaert, piano  world premiere of Geert Callaert, SETTE STANZE VENEZIANE for

solo piano, opus 186; live recording of a concert “Noten in kleur” (Colored Tones) June 5 2017 in Heist-op-den-Berg;

Geert Callaert, piano world premiere of Martyna Kosecka, Cogita! (2012/rev. 2015)

 during the First International Contemporary Music Festival in Tehran (28.04.2016, Roudaki Hall); Geert

Callaert, piano world premiere of Aftab Darvishi, GHAZAL for solo piano

during the First International Contemporary Music Festival in Tehran (28.04.2016, Roudaki Hall);

Geert Callaert, piano world premiere of Ivan Fernandez la Banca, Ubicuo

for solo marimba solo and percussion quartet; live recording of the concert March 5 2013, Chamber Music Hall,

Lemmensinstituut, Leuven; Fausto Valeron, marimba solo; Academy for New Music Lemmensinstituut,

Geert Callaert, conductor live recording of Kee Long Chong, Time Flows II for solo

piano and live electronics (2012); recording of the concert June 27 2014, HERMESstudio Wijnegem,

during the Inspiratum Festival “Per-Form the Void”; Geert Callaert, piano; Jean-Marc Sullon (+)

(Centre Henri Pousseur), live electronics; Sigrid Tanghe, visuals recording of Claude Debussy, Première Rhapsodie, Miryzaal,

Conservatory Gent (2016); Hannelore Vermeir, clarinet; Geert Callaert, piano live recording of Karlheinz Stockhausen, Prozession;

concert  september 16 2016 during the Stockhausen Symposium in the HERMESstudio Wijnegem;

HERMESensemble: Karin De Fleyt, flutes; Rolf Gelhaar, tam-tam; Peter Merckx, microphone operator

of tam-tam; Geert Callaert, piano; Kurt Ralske, visuals recording of

the vivid Perpetuum Mobile by Bart Verstraeten, a composition I premiered earlier in The House of Composers,

Sint-Petersburg (Russia) July 4 2005 interview with Gavin Bryars and Geert Callaert

about “The Heart of August, a new musical dance theater; music and performances at the Opera House Ghent-Antwerp (Belgium), september - october 2017, march -april 2018


Guide to Contemporary Music in Flanders (second Edition 2008), p. 39,

edited by

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released on compact disc; A Monograph submitted to the graduate Faculty of the Louisiana

State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College in partial fulfillment of the requirements

for the degree of Doctor of Musical Arts in The College of Music and Dramatic Arts, University of

Tennessee at Knoxville, Louisiana 
State University, may 2010, p. 14

MOELANTS, Dirk, What is slow? Timing strategies in the performance of Feldman’s Last Pieces,

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for these articles see also

- Attempting the impossible - surrealisme en de wereld, 2011, magazine ADEM

- Attempting the impossible - René Char en het surrealisme, 2011, magazine ADEM

- Gesprekken met componisten - Martin Valcke, 2011, magazine ADEM

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- “Tintinnabulum Aureum”, text for the booklet of concerts performed by the HERMESensemble

25-27 september 2015, Palazzo Fortuny, Venice, Italy

- “The Heart of August, syncopisch temporeel muzikaal danstheater als nieuwe interdisciplinaire kunstvorm”,

publication in the programme booklet of the production “Selon Désir”, 31 maart - 24 april 2018,

Operaballetvlaanderen (Opera House, Ghent - Antwerp, Belgium)

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1995 CD Masterpieces for trombone and piano (Ben Haemhouts, trombone;

Geert Callaert, piano): music by Castérède, Van der Roost, de Frumerie,

Rachmaninov and Martin (first release by label Beriato, second release by

label WorldWindMusic, sold out)

1996 Paul Hindemith: Sonatas for Brass Instruments and Piano (label

 Vox Temporis; cfr. ) sold out; cd mentioned

 in The TUBA Repertoire Second Edition: The New Tuba Source Book,

 R Winston Morris en Daniel Perantoni (ed.),  Indiana University Press,

 Bloomington, 2006

1998 CD Music by Boudewijn Buckinx (pianotrio Coriolan: Sophie Causanschi,

violin; Alexander Bazel, cello; Geert Callaert, piano); label Rode Pomp; sold out

1999 Joseph Ryelandt: Sacred Choral Works; chamber orchestra

Collegium Instrumentale Brugense, conductor Patrick Peire (label Vox

Temporis; cfr. ) sold out

2001 "Promenades": a music pedagogical project on Moussorgsky’s Paintings

at an Exhibition with a new composition by Martin Valcke, Promenades, for

percussion and piano four-handed (Guy Remmerie, percussion; Geert

Callaert and Stefan Poelmans, piano four-handed), released by the Flemish

Government for Education

(cfr. ) sold out;

parts of the composition released on the cd with  the Lecixon of Music in

Western of Flanders part 4 (released in 2003)

The Bone Project: music for 3 trombones, 2 percussionists and piano

(repertoire: classical to jazz)  (label Beriato: cfr. ) sold out

CD Chamber Music by Luc Van Hove: Dansen voor vier handen (”Dances for four Hands” performed by Piet kuijken en Geert Callaert, 2 pianos); Three Guilford Dances (Piet Kuijken and Geert Callaert, 2 pianos; Carlos Bruneel, flute; Joris Van den Hauwe, oboe; Henri De Roeck, clarinet; Francis Pollet, bassoon; label René Gailly

CD Carlo Willems & Friends, November 21 2003

CD “Meesterlijk” Brass, Peter Maxwell-Davies, Sonata for Trumpet and Piano

 (Alain De Rudder, trumpet; Geert Callaert, piano), a production of the

 Koninklijk Vlaams Muziekconservatorium Antwerpen, December 1 2003

CD “Meesterlijk” PERCUSSI, Geert CALLAERT/Carlo WILLEMS, fourth

movement of the Jazz Suite, OC 1), Geert CALLAERT, arrangement of Astor

Piazzola’s Tango nr. 1 OR 5 for 2 percussionists and piano, a release by

the Koninklijk Vlaams Muziekconservatorium Antwerpen

Carlo Willems & Friends II,  released december 2005

2006 Music by Stefan Meylaers (label PHAEDRA series In Flanders

 Fields )

2007 CD Magritte s Blues; piano, Geert Callaert; Tivoli Band, conductor

Eric Mathot; music by Paul Magritte, David Beeand contemporaries

(first half 20th century)

2007 CD Eyes for You: recording of the arrangement Eyes for You OR 6

for Baritone and Piano; Marc Meersman, bass-baritone; Geert Callaert, piano

2009 DVD Avant-garde 1927-1937 Surrealism and experiment in the Belgian

cinema; Geert CALLAERT, Piano Concerto 1 opus 78 for piano and small

ensemble with the silent movie “Histoire de Détective” by Charles Dekeukeleire;

“Fantomas” opus 79 for piano and tape, music with silent movie “Fantomas”

by Ernst Moerman; performed by Geert CALLAERT, piano; HERMESensemble

conducted by Koen Kessels; DVD released by Cinematek (Belgian Film Archive)

in collaboration with Muziektheater Transparant, Koning Boudewijnstichting

Beursschouwburg and de Singel.

2011 CD Mysterious Morning, virtuoso music for solo saxophone, saxophone

and piano, saxophone and percussion, saxophone quartet, saxophone quartet

and ensemble (release PAVANE ADW 7539); music by Charles Wuorinen,

Gerard De Clercq, Philippe Hurel, Frederik Neyrinck and Fuminori Tanada;

Geert Callaert, piano and the Academy for New Music Lemmensinstituut

LUCA-Arts conducted by Geert Callaert

2013 CD Flemish Composers in Paris (1865-1905); Glenn Van Looy, euphonium;

 Geert Callaert, piano; Brassband Buizingen conducted by Luc Vertommen;

released by brassband Buizingen

( )

CD Fingerprints 1: music by different Flemish composers: Geert CALLAERT, Toccata opus 116 for ensemble; recorded by the Spectra ensemble; Filip Rathé, conductor

2013 CD I Solisti del Vento Works for wind instruments ; recording of Gestalt I

by Frederik Neyrinck for piano and woodwind quintet ;Geert Callaert, piano;

I Solisti del Vento, woodwind quintet

2013 DVD 14-18; music by Hanne Deneire with the silent movie Belgique Martyre

(1919); HERMESensemble conducted by Koen Kessels; Geert Callaert, piano;

DVD released by Cinematek (Belgian Film Archive)

2015 CD Lost Treasures 1; Glenn Van Looy, euphonium; Geert Callaert, piano;

label Bandpress; music for euphonium and piano; music by Singelée, Gattermann,

Dagnelles, Pfeifer, Benoit, Demersseman en Verroust

2015: DVD Bloed, Zweet en Tranen, film about the life of the Dutch singer

André Hazes, recording solo piano music for the film production,

2016 : Blinding Flash ; David Rey, trombone ; Geert Callaert, piano;

label Marcophon (Marc Reift)

2016: recording solo piano music for the film production High Rise

(available on DVD),

2016 Ticking Away, scoring,

2016 : cd « Souvenirs de Liège » ; Benny Wiame, trumpet; Geert Callaert, piano

2016: DVD Les innocentes, recording solo piano music for the film production,

2017 : cd « Night Poem » ; Ivo Hadermann, French Horn ; Geert Callaert, piano;

Belgian music for French Horn and Piano

2017 : cd DO UN, soundscape by Mireille Capelle, cd released for the exhibition

INTUITION, curator Axel Vervoordt and Daniela Ferretti, Venice, Palazzo Fortuny,

Italy; cd released by INSPIRATUM, HERMESensemble and Centre Henri Pousseur

2017: COGITA, music by Martyna Kosecka; label Tehran Records; Cogita! for

solo piano; SIAL for bassoon and piano (Bert Helsen, bassoon; Geert Callaert,

piano), recordings of live performances during the First Tehran Contemporary

Music Festival 2016

2017: CONCERTOS, music by Idin Samimi Mofakham; label Tehran Records;

Rajaz  for tenor horn and ensemble,;Tim De Maeseneer, tenor horn, The Academy

for New Music Lemmensinstituut conducted by Geert Callaert, live recording

of a concert in the Chamber Music Hall of Lemmensinstituut, March 11 2014

2018: Lost Treasures 2  label Bandpress; Glenn Van Looy, euphonium;

Geert Callaert, piano; Guido De Neve, Pieter Jansen, violin,  Wim De Cock,

viola; Harmen Goossens, cello; Lode Leire, double bass; music by J. Ramain,

Vasseillière fils, Hedwige Crétien, Adrien Barthe, Paul Véronge de la Nux,

Jean Pâque, Emile Wambach, Charles Gaucet;