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Composition list

All compositions are being digitised at the moment. The compositions under here have been digitised and are available. BASS TROMBONE AND PIANO The Logic of Life opus 193 for Bass Trombone and Piano, 2018, 12 minutes CONCEPT PIECES AION opus 166, a Timescape for 1 performer playing 3 phonolites (by Dominique Stroobant) and tape, or 1 performer playing 3 phonolites and 2 to 4 players (one of them must a singer), 2015, premiered by HERMESensemble in Venice (Italy) September 22 2015 MIXED CHOIR AND PIANO The City in the Sea (lyrics by Edgar Allen Poe) opus 183 for Mixed Choir (or Vocal Quartet) SATB and Piano, 2017, 6 minutes, https://soundcloud.com/geert-callaert/opus-183-geert-callaert-the-city-in-the-sea-for-vocal-quartet-satb-and-piano MOUTH HARMONICA (CHROMATIC) AND PIANO Twelve “Glow” Bagatelles opus 181 for Chromatic (4-octave) Mouth Harmonica and Piano, 2017, 26 minutes, https://soundcloud.com/geert-callaert/evening-glow-opus-&!&ç-for-4octave-chromatic-mouth-harmonica-and-piano-geert-callaert PIANO SOLO Chorale and Variations opus 9/4, 1996, 7 minutes Sette Stanze Veneziane opus 186, 2017, 8 minutes, dedicated to Kevin Voets for his 40th birthday, premiered in Heist-op-den-Berg by Geert Callaert, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3obHWWR6_A Topos opus 177, 2016, 3 minutes, dedicated to Piet De Volder, premiered in the Opera House Ghent-Antwerp (Belgium) November 2016 by Geert Callaert PERCUSSION Paraphrase on the Overture of Giuseppe Verdi’s La Forza del Destino for Vibraphone and Piano, 2013, 6 minutes, dedicated to Piet De Volder, premiered in the Opera House Ghent-Antwerp (Belgium) February 2014 by Vincent Caers, vibraphone and Geert Callaert, piano Paraphrase on the Overture of Richard Wagner’s Flying Dutchman opus 176 for Vibraphone and Piano, 2016, 10 minutes, dedicated to Piet De Volder, premiered in the Opera House Ghent-Antwerp (Belgium) November 2016 by Vincent Caers, vibraphone and Geert Callaert, piano Postludium, A Quantum Leap before Re-genesis opus 158 for 5 Metal Sound Plates (low to high) and electric organ (or synth), 2014, 5 minutes, dedicated to Peter Van Tichelen, https://soundcloud.com/geert-callaert/postludium-a-quantum-leap-before-regenesis-for-synth-organ-and-5-metal-plates-opus-158 Sonata 1 “Awakenings” opus 13 for Vibraphone and Piano, 1996, 27 minutes, dedicated to Carlo Willems, https://soundcloud.com/geert-callaert/awakenings-sonata-1-vibra-piano-geert-callaert Sonata 5 “Fire Works” opus 46 for Vibraphone and Piano, 1999, 46 minutes, dedicated to Carlo Willems Tintinnabulum Aureum opus 175 for Crotales and Piano, 2016, 12 minutes, dedicated to Alexander Ponet, https://soundcloud.com/geert-callaert/tintinnabulum-aureum-for-two-octave-crotales-and-piano-opus-175-geert-callaert VIOLA AND PIANO Sonata 5 “Vienna Sonata” for Viola and Piano, 2016/2017, 14 minutes VIOLIN AND PIANO Sonata 2 “Vienna Sonata” for Violin and Piano, 2014, 14 minutes, premiered by Wim Ilsen, violin and Geert Callaert during a New Year’s concert January 2014 in the Cultural Center of Houthalen (Belgium), https://soundcloud.com/geert-callaert/vienna-sonata-nr-2-for-violin-and-piano-opus-148-2014 Music written in collaboration: OC 1 Geert CALLAERT/Carlo Willems, Jazz suite for Vibraphone and Piano, 20 minutes, 1999, Edition Percussion Music Europe, premiered by Carlo Willems, vibraphone and Geert Callaert, piano


OC 2 Geert CALLAERT/Carlo Willems, Time of my Life for Vibraphone, Marimba, 2 Timpani, Drum Set and Piano, 8 minutes, 2006, Edition Percussion Music Europe, imposed piece for the final round percussion of the Dexia Classics Competition (the former Belfius Competition) 2006 and 2009 ARRANGEMENTS by GEERT CALLAERT OR 7 arrangement of Eric Saties’s Ogives for Vibraphone and Piano, 2015, 11 minutes, premiered during a concert “Meditatief, minimaal, motorisch” (Meditative, minimal, motoric) in the Opera House of Ghent and Antwerp February 12 and 13 2015; first performers: Gaetan La Mela, vibraphone and Geert Callaert, piano, https://soundcloud.com/geert-callaert/ogives-for-vibraphone-and-piano-eric-satie-geert-callaert OR 8 arrangement of Franz Liszt’s Consolation 3 for Solo Clarinet, Solo Cello and String Quartet, 2018, 4 minutes OR 9 arrangement of Eric Satie’s Rêverie de l’enfance de Pantagruel for Vibraphone and Piano, 2018, 3 minutes, https://soundcloud.com/geert-callaert/reverie-de-lenfance-de-pantagruel-eric-satie-geert-callaert Next to the indication of opus numbers (my very own work), OC and OR are acronyms to organize my list of compositions according to the type of work: OC = opus collaboratum (= compositions written in collaboration with someone else); OR = opus recompositum (= arrangements).
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